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How Do VFX Courses Help In Enhancing A Short Filmmaking Career?

VFX or visual effects play a huge role in the field of filmmaking. It aids filmmakers and directors in enhancing the storytelling technique. Many directors and short filmmakers are also using VFX to enhance the storyline of their films.

Nowadays, if your VFX is not practical or appealing enough, the audience will never believe your story. It involves creating visual effects in short films, such as heavy rain, thunder, storms, fire or a stadium filled with a cheering crowd. These scenarios are impossible to shoot in real time. It is when VFX or visual effects come into the picture to make the audience believe in the scene.

How can a course help you learn VFX in short-film making?

A course in VFX helps you enhance your knowledge about visual effects and their uses in short-film making. You’ll learn everything from fundamentals of composition, rotoscoping & stereoscopic, paint & prep and composting. It is usually 18 months long course.

A VFX academy will help you learn the latest industry trends and processes used in short filmmaking. Moreover, you get an insight into working on various digital platforms. In addition, everything about film methodology and the VFX work process is explained in detail in a course in VFX in Kolkata.

You also have a massive possibility of working in VFX studios. A VFX institute also takes its students to the best studios in Kolkata and helps them learn basic and complex concepts. From editing to post-production of a short film, you learn it all in the production studios. It is truly a magical feeling to learn from professional VFX artists and faculty members in Kolkata.

When you study at a reputed VFX institute, you also become a part of a particular network of artists. Moreover, your network of friends and faculty can refer you to the best VFX studios and production houses in the country. You wouldn’t get this benefit by self-learning VFX techniques. It becomes much easier to land a job with a decent salary within your network.

What are the eligibility criteria to take up a VFX short-film-making course in Kolkata?

Here are a few eligibility criteria you must fulfil to enrol into a course in VFX in Kolkata:

  • You should be at least 10+2 pass from a specific board
  • Moreover, there are no criteria for having previous knowledge or experience in VFX filmmaking.
  • You can walk in, deposit the fee and attend the classes from the next day.

If you’re a postgraduate and want to take up a course in VFX in Kolkata, you can show your valid marksheet with at least 50% marks in aggregate.

With the best courses in VFX in Kolkata, you can learn the fundamentals of composition, paint, prep, matte painting, live-action composition and camera tracking. You get a deep insight into using various VFX editing software such as Adobe After Effects, Mocha, Adobe Photoshop, NukeX, Adobe Premiere and so on.

Enrolling on a course that tops the multimedia courses list is always the best option for students.

What is the career scope of the VFX short film in India?

The career scope in VFX short filmmaking is admirable in India. The filmmaking industry is slowly shifting towards VFX. Hence, it is creating a ton of career opportunities for creative VFX artists. As a VFX artist or student, you learn a ton of new and updated visual effects concepts with the best courses.

The various job profiles and roles as a VFX filmmaker are as follows:

  • VFX head
  • Composting supervisor
  • Project head
  • Effects supervisor
  • Compositor
  • Roto and paint artist
  • Roto and paint supervisor
  • Dynamic artist

There is high scope in the field of VFX for skilled individuals. Your skillset, experiences and dream company will help you earn a significant income in the industry. But, the average salary that you can earn as a VFX fresher is around 25,000 per month. With improving skills and increasing experience, your salary also increases over time.

Moople Academy is a reputed VFX institute that tops the multimedia courses list of Kolkata. They have the best team of professional VFX artists teaching you various visual effects techniques.


It is the best option to enrol into VFX courses to learn more about the role, contribution and aftermath of visual effects in short-filmmaking. You’ll learn the art of using VFX to make your short film stand out and become an award-winning short film across countries.


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